want a beautiful music video? can’t afford what the big directors cost? don’t want to use your buddy and his little digital video camera? we shoot our videos on film! thats right, film is the best way to get the high budget look on a small one. super 8mm film has a unique look that will set your song apart from everyone else’s glossy digital pieces. check out both of our videos here. we can shoot in B&W or color stock.
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“when heaven scrapes the pavement” mars ill. shot on canon 814 xls super 8mm. kodak B&W plus-x reversal stock.director-editor_files/when%20heaven%20scrapes%20the%20pavement.mp4
“will not be sold” poems and dust. shot on canon 814 xls and nizo 801 macro super 8mm. kodak color vision stock 200t.director-editor_files/will%20not%20be%20sold.mp4